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How to convert gif to swf files?

Our product GIF to SWF Converter is a professional converter for GIF to SWF conversion. Download and install it to get start. Download ThunderSoft GIF to SWF Converter

Step 1 - Add gif files..

After launching the program, you will see the window below. Add gif files(or bmp, png, jpeg files) you want to convert.

Step 2 - Output setting

Click <More info...> to get more output setting, include SWF version, background color, frame rate, image format, image quality and link to the specified URL.

Step 3 - Change output directory

As default, the output swf file will save to the same directory of the original gif files. You can change to a specified directory.

Step 4 - Convert to swf files

Click <Start> button to start convert to swf files.


Command line conversion

ThunderSoft GIF to SWF Converter also supports command line conversion:

EXE <Source file> [Destination file]

If parameter [Destination file] is missing, the output file will keep the original name and save to default directory which can config in software's option.

Example 1: 
"C:\Program Files\ThunderSoft\GIF to SWF Converter\Gif2SWF.exe" "C:\test.gif"

Example 2: 
"C:\Program Files\ThunderSoft\GIF to SWF Converter\Gif2SWF.exe" "C:\test.gif" "c:\dest.swf"

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